The Science

The Science

The science team at The Genetics Institute strives to uphold the highest scientific standards with the ultimate goal of improving health outcomes.

The testing method starts with a simple buccal (cheek) swab. Our state-of-the-art lab equipment and proprietary technology allow our team to extract your DNA and amplify the results, completed with targeted MALDI-TOF Mass Array genotyping to provide precision accuracy.

Through advanced genetic analysis, we test genes that are known to metabolize and process medications. Determining the alleles that a person has for these genes informs us how that individual will process various medications. 

Our custom reports are tools to inform individuals and their medical providers on the best medications based on their unique drug metabolizing genetics. This allows medical providers to formulate a personalized and precise medication regimen giving the individual the opportunity to medicate correctly. Our team will take the complex and make it simple, so you no longer have to use the traditional trial-and-error method with medications.

We take the time to explain individual test results by scheduling a one-on-one follow-up consultation. Our genetic advisors extensively review the results and provide in-depth analysis to educate individuals and their medical providers. We pride ourselves on empowerment through education, taking the time to listen, and setting an actionable plan to guide everyone on their own health journey.

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PGx testing is covered by many insurance plans, including Colorado Medicaid. We are excited to be able to offer this exciting new service and invite the community to contact your medical provider for additional information.