We take the complex and make it simple. The Genetics Institute strives to provide all patients with personalized precision healthcare. We serve as a single source solution for patient care from enrollment to follow-up. We give clinicians essential insight to develop personalized care plans so patients can medicate correctly. Our mission is to empower our patients and providers through education.


Enhance patient wellbeing

Promote improved outcomes

Minimize drug-to-drug interactions

develop personalized medication regimens

Alternative Medication Management

Reduce personal and systemic healthcare costs


Pharmacogenomic testing, or PGx, is a branch of genetic testing focused on how an individual’s genetic makeup impacts the likely response to therapeutic medications. Genes are parts of your DNA that are inherited from each of your parents. Your genes are what make you uniquely you. They determine your eye color, height, and can influence how your body reacts to medications.


PGx helps medical providers and individuals better understand how quickly and effectively a person’s body may work with various medications. This testing provides valuable insight on how an individual patient can metabolize medications and indicates possible medication interactions and potential side effects. The additional knowledge of your genes and medical history allows your medical provider the opportunity to better implement a targeted and personalized medication regimen. Optimizing medications can help you medicate safety, leading to improved health outcomes in a variety of care settings—from post-operative pain to mental health medication management.


Dealing with health issues is stressful enough. When you are prescribed medications that do not work as well as intended or they have side effects, this can lead to increased stress and frustration. With advancements in genetic science, we can test for medication effectiveness to reduce the potential for stress and allow for a better patient experience. PGx testing can give your medical providers additional information about you—information that they otherwise would not have—allowing them to choose the best medication for you when standard therapies have failed. This kind of personalized medical care lessens your stress and increases your medical compliance, leading to more favorable outcomes. 


As individuals and providers seek alternative medications or therapies, we are here to educate and formulate the best medication management treatment plans based on your unique health status. Our advanced genetic analysis includes testing on over 400+ common medications and CBD/THC. Our proprietary technology determines how alternative medications—such as cannabis—interact with commonly prescribed medications.

Meet Our Team

Genetics Patient Coordinator

Andrea holds a degree in English Education from Black Hills State University. Since exiting the classroom, Andrea’s goal has been to perform meaningful and impactful work for the communities in which she spends time. Her love of education and desire to help others has led her to the exciting world of genetic testing. As the Genetics Patient Coordinator at The Genetics Institute, Andrea is able to help patients explore the opportunity for a more personalized healthcare experience as well as helping to provide them with the knowledge and tools needed for medical self-advocacy.

Molecular Scientist

Javier’s passion for science has led him to be an energetic, tenacious, and passionate scientist. Javier holds a master’s degree in Toxicology, eight years of experience in molecular biology, as well as extensive experience in lab techniques and data analysis. Being fluent in both English and Spanish, he has exceptional listening, interpersonal, and speaking skills that allow him to present complex topics in a clear and succinct manner. His career in technologies that benefit human health has led him to dive deep into the analytics of genetics, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals that can help people take charge of their health and receive better health outcomes.

Molecular Scientist

Zander has been drawn towards science and technology since he was a young boy. His systematic and analytical mindset has always cultivated his strong laboratory expertise. Zander graduated with a B.S. in Biochemistry from Metropolitan State University. His laboratory and instrumentation experience started there at MSU where he was an Organic Chemistry Lab Teaching Assistant, as well as a Certified Technician to operate their Bruker NMR instrument. Now as the Laboratory Manager at The Genetics Institute, he gets to use his laboratory and instrumentation skills for the purpose of improving the wellbeing of our patients.

Get Started

PGx is covered by most insurances including Medicare and Medicaid. We are excited to be able to offer this exciting new service, and we invite you to contact your medical provider for additional information. You can also reach out to us independently to learn more about how you can benefit from PGx testing.